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Lottery News

After threats from the Legislature, Texas Lottery Commision has agreed to take of sale all the scratch-off tickets, as soon the big prizes will be won.

The $75M winner in the Texas Lottery is revealed. Not by name ofcourse, but a few days ago he came to the store in League City from which he bought the ticket and announced them that he won.

According to officials in Texas Lottery Comission, sales of lottery tickets are down in 30% since 2003, and followed by it are the jackpots and the number of winners.

Texas Lottery will soon be celebrating the Opening Day with two new games. One for the Houston Astros and one for the Texas Rangers.

Texas Lottery Rules

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Texas Lottery Winner

Each of the monthly lottery prize winners is automatically entered in the giant sweepstakes, which follows the monthly drawing by a week or two. The holder of a winning monthly lottery ticket of either $5,000 or $500 brings his winning ticket to the specified state lottery agency. The state claim agent will hand him a notarized receipt and forward his ticket to the State Lottery Commission, which will mail him a check for $5,000 or $500 and enter his name in the giant sweepstakes drawing. The same procedure is followed with winning weekly lottery tickets.


Let’s say a state sells 4 miffion weekly lottery tickets for a four- week total of 16 million tickets. Each of these 16 miffion tickets participates in the monthly lottery drawing, which is a sort of semifinal for the giant sweepstakes drawing. Under Scarne’s proposed lottery plan, 160 winners out of 16 million tickets will be selected in the monthly lottery. Each of these will receive $500 or $5,000 and be eligible to enter the giant sweepstakes drawing which should take place a week or two after the monthly lottery drawing. The gross sales revenue for 16 million tickets totals $8 miffion from which 10 percent or $800,000 must be placed in a special monthly and giant sweepstakes pool. Out of this $800,000 special pool, $154,000 is used to pay prize awards of $500 or $5,000 to each of the 160 monthly lottery winners. The remaining $646,000 left in the special pool will be distributed as prize awards to the ten lucky winners in the giant sweepstakes drawing

These prize awards are as follows: 50% of the pool’s $646,000 or $323,000 goes to the first-prize winner, 20%, or $129,200, goes to the second-prize winner, 15%, or $96,900, goes to the third-prize winner and 15%, or $96,900, to be divided equally among the seven fourth- prize winners.


First Prize Award
Second Prize Award
Third Prize Award
Fourth price awards
$ 13,843

The cost of operating such an enterprise should Texas Lottery - Public Lottery Betting total no more than 10% of the gross revenue. This would include computer costs, advertising and a 5% commission for sales agents—plus a special bonus of $10,000 to the store or agent that sells the winning ticket for the top giant sweepstakes award, $2,000 each to the sellers of the three runner- up tickets, and $2,000 to the seller of the weekly $50,000 prize ticket. This leaves the state with 40% of the gross take, which in our example Is a net profit of $4 million for the four-week period.