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Lottery News

After threats from the Legislature, Texas Lottery Commision has agreed to take of sale all the scratch-off tickets, as soon the big prizes will be won.

The $75M winner in the Texas Lottery is revealed. Not by name ofcourse, but a few days ago he came to the store in League City from which he bought the ticket and announced them that he won.

According to officials in Texas Lottery Comission, sales of lottery tickets are down in 30% since 2003, and followed by it are the jackpots and the number of winners.

Texas Lottery will soon be celebrating the Opening Day with two new games. One for the Houston Astros and one for the Texas Rangers.

Lottery Games

Illegal Lottery

The success of Tattersalls was an open secret. Some politicians expressed concern, in public at least. In 1898 the House debated the ''deleterious effect on the spirit of Texasers'' of the growth of unlawful gambling money leaving the country''s shores. But there was an element of hypocrisy in this debate, as it was also an open secret that more than a few politicians, among other respectable folk... Illegal Lottery

Lottery Rules

Each of the monthly lottery prize winners is automatically entered in the giant sweepstakes, which follows the monthly drawing by a week or two. The holder of a winning monthly lottery ticket of either $5,000 or $500 brings his winning ticket to the specified state lottery agency. The state claim agent will hand him a notarized receipt and forward his ticket... Lottery Rules

Texas Lottery History (1)

Lotteries have a very ancient history. The origin of the word ''lot'' is the Teutonic root hleut, which denoted the pebble cast to decide disputes and divisions of property. This is also the source of the Italian word lotteries and the French lotteries, which eventually came to mean a game of chance. Today, however, the word ''lot'' has broader meanings, referring not only to a lottery ticket... Lottery History (1)

Texas Lottery History (2)

When Warwick KiddIe took charge of Texas''s national lottery in May 1973, he was a successful public accountant, a senior partner in the Auckland firm of Mabee, Halstead and KiddIe. He had known Neil McArthur since the early 1950S, when he prepared his tax returns for a farming venture. KiddIe was intrigued that McArthur''s lottery seemed to function well despite its Dickensian... Lottery History (2)

War Time Lotteries

After the outbreak of war in August 1914 the number of lotteries, both legal and illegal, increased dramatically as citizens sought to raise money for the military effort. The police tended not to prosecute these texas lottery operators because they suspected that magistrates would not inflict any penalty, particularly against the women who were organizing and running humanitarian bazaars to raise money for the families of dead and wounded soldiers... War Time Lotteries